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AVIA AUDIT is the specialist
for aviation safety.

Companies all around the world trust us. We deliver complete tailored solutions, which lead to an immediate increase of aviation safety. Being an independent company, our commitment is only towards safety.

To enhance aviation safety we provide:

  • Audits of airlines in accordance with international and national civil aviation standards and industry best practices
  • Aviation safety advice and consulting
  • Interim management of aviation companies
  • Investigations and analysis of accidents and incidents
  • Crew simulator monitoring
  • Standard operation manuals, which are specific to individual needs yet comply with global aviation regulations

Aviation safety is manifold – Our expertise is profound.

We have the expertise to ensure the safety of airplanes and helicopters alike, and we have the know-how to enhance the safety of on-shore and off-shore airports and heliports.

Companies from the aviation industry such as airlines and aviation infrastructure companies – airports, helidecks and MRO companies – rely on our aviation safety expertise. Oil, gas and production companies, which have a huge demand for charter flights to remote areas, trust us to ensure that safety procedures, standards and regulations are implemented and followed by their aviation cooperation partners. Executives from large companies contract AVIA AUDIT to establish and secure safety standards.


Aircraft operators

For airlines, providing safe flights is key. To ensure these safety regulations, operation manuals and procedures have to be in place and applied consequently consistently. We have the expertise to provide safety advisory advice and consulting, operation manual development and crew simulator monitoring. We develop tailored safety regulations and procedures, and we audit the compliance with the safety procedures and equipment.

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Oil, gas and production

Every day, dozens of employees need to reach remote places that are not covered by major airlines. Chartering aircrafts is a question of trust. Trust can only be built if safety regulations and procedures are introduced and followed. AVIA AUDIT carries out independent audits and monitors flight simulations.

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Maintenance,  repair and overhaul companies

Spare-parts management, technological know-how and accuracy in airplane handling are key to ensuring safety. Our risk management services such as safety advisory and audits help to establish safety procedures for maintenance, repair and overhaul activities.
We also assist organisations in gaining an AMO certificate.

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Aviation infrastructure

Providing safe take-off and landing requires professional ground handling in accordance with safety standards.
AVIA AUDIT can help to improve ground handling operations since we have the expertise to give advice on aviation safety, and to carry out safety audits for on-shore and off-shore infrastructures, worldwide.

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Audits involve much more than compliance, procedures and document tests. They are part of a continuous and sustainable quality and safety improvement process. With regular audits, weaknesses and gaps can be identified, improvement measures developed and safety enhanced. We audit the existence of and compliance with procedures, operation manuals and staff schedules and experience.

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Advisory and consulting

Aviation safety is a complex topic. Crew and engineers, manuals, procedures, aircraft, airbases, maintenance, spare parts and many more factors need to be compliant with safety standards. Defining these standards and regulations, implementing them throughout the organisation and ensuring consistent application is a transformation process that can be managed holistically by AVIA AUDIT.

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